Regnum Camelopardaria

The Giant Automaton of Geneva

Tuba Player in the Regional Brownie Brass Band

Study for a Holy Fool

Odds and Ends

Malacoda: Captain of the_Malebranche of Dante’s Inferno

Dux Magnus

Penitent Demon

Demon with Fleshhook

Anasulous demon

Signorellian Demon

Archangel in Combat

Pan Demoniae

Fellows of the Dead Merchants’ Guild of Antwerp

Assorted Courtiers of the Unseelie Court

Assorted Courtiers of the Seelie Court

Prince Nicholai Petrovich the Anti-Muscovite

Hildegard Bierfrau of the Royal Brewery of Krusovice

Odds and Ends


A B A R I M O N E S – Rambahur Limbu

Sword-swallower Who Lost His Leg in the 2nd Anglo-Sihk War

A R I M A S P I A N – Clyde and His Trained Gryphon Talon

C Y N O C E P H A L I – The Kallistos Brothers on Holiday from University

G E G E N E S – Knife Throwing Husband and Wife Team

G O R G E N E S – Lucius the Unicyclist

H Y P E R B O R E A N S – Relating the Legend of the Returning Prince of Shambhala

M A C R O C E P H A L U S – Panahasi the Groundsman

P A N O T I U S – Strongman

For more information on the Fanatastic Tribes of Pliny the Elders’s Naturalis Historia

 see Theo Greek Mythology.

Plinian Performers – Pt1